DOS3 File System

Boot sector

Sectors $01-$09 is boot sector.
$0A-$0F are empty.


$10-$17 are directory. I don't know what's first entry, containing $0E empty bytes and $7F $A5 at the end (for MD) and $57 $A5 for SD.

Offset Description
$00 Flags
bit 0 Unknown
bit 1 Unknown
bit 2 Unknown
bit 3 Unknown
bit 4 Unknown
bit 5 Unknown
bit 6 Unknown
bit 7 Unknown
$01-$08 Filename (padded by spaces)
$09-$0B Extension (padded by spaces)
$0C Number of blocks (8 sectors)
$0D Starting block
$0E-$0F Length of file in bytes


Sector $18 is FAT. Maximum number of blocks that could be allocated is $7F.
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