ATR File Format Description


Used widely by emulators, SIO2PC & APE peripheal emulators.


DWORD - 32bit unsigned long (little endian)
WORD - 16bit unsigned short (little endian)
BYTE - 8bit unsigned char


16 bytes long.
Type Name Description
WORD wMagic $0296 (sum of 'NICKATARI')
WORD wPars size of this disk image, in paragraphs (size/$10)
WORD wSecSize sector size. ($80 or $100) bytes/sector
BYTE btParsHigh high part of size, in paragraphs (added by REV 3.00)
DWORD dwCRC 32bit CRC of file (added by APE?)
DWORD dwUnused unused
BYTE btFlags bit 0 (ReadOnly) (added by APE?)


Then there are continuous sectors. Some ATR files are incorrect - if sector size is > $80 first three sectors should be $80 long. But, few files have these sectors $100 long.

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