ANTIC ("Alpha-Numeric Television Interface Circuit") is a microprocessor dedicated to the television display. It is a true microprocessor; it has an instruction set, a program (called the display list), and data. The display list and the display data are written into RAM by the 6502. ANTIC retrieves this information from RAM using direct memory access (DMA). It processes the higher level instructions in the display list and translates these instructions into a real-time stream of simple instructions to GTIA.

Catalogue numbers

CO12296 NTSC 400/800  (7bit/shorter ref?)
CO21698 PAL XL/XE (8bit/longer)
CO21697 NTSC XL/XE (8bit/longer)


A0-A15memory address bus
D0-D7memory data bus
AN0-AN2GTIA data output
/LPlight pen input
/RNMINMI input
/NMINMI output
/REFrefresh output
/HALThalt cpu output
R/Wread/write (HI-read, LO-write)
RDYmemory ready output
Vcc+5V power
Ø2phase 2 clock input (also marked as PHI2)
Ø0phase 0 clock output
F0Ofast phase 0 input
/RSTreset input
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