The purpose of this project _WAS_ to gather maximum possible information about every cartridge ever produced for Atari 8-bit computers.


Synced with Andrew Kriegs' Atari 8bit cartridge list (v5.9). Also thanks to Mr.Bacardi, Nir, Bertrand, Glenn Bruner, Russ Gilbert, Vasyl, TXG, Fox-1, Aaron, Lance, Lee, Gene and others I forgot to mention.

Color codes

Without color (white) = good info/picture/dump.
Green = I have something, but want better quality (or it's not so 'critical').
Dark red = This is really needed.

All carts5203984181
Games 0-E F-K L-R S-Z3422942721
Czech Carts231418
Polish Carts8422
German Carts1100
Romox ECPC Carts14536
Hacked/pirated/homemade Carts292720
New Carts ( = Video 61 ;)535201

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